General Contracting

Building Evaluation Services

We have a wide range of clients, from end-user/tenants and national developers to Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between. Working with our clients, we can evaluate the existing structure and make the owner aware of potential deficiencies that could increase development and construction costs. We can prepare an initial budget that will allow for a property to be repositioned or to complete new site development This will enable our clients to make better decisions and ultimately lead to better results.

We partner with architectural and structural teams to develop a design plan, work on budgets, schedules and logistical plans which helps avoid potential construction delays and pitfalls for our clients. Often times we take these projects on a design-build basis for the owners. In other cases, clients pass on opportunities because we have uncovered obstacles that will make the project economically unfeasible.

The pre-purchase building and on-site evaluation process is a collaborative effort between all parties to develop conceptual budgets and reduce risk; including the owner, architect, design-build consultants and structural engineers. Our goal is to eliminate surprises during construction and build the project as cost effectively as possible.


Construction Estimating

With our assistance, you will be given a detailed quantity take-off to compare with the subcontractor pricing and historical costs. Our extensive knowledge of each subcontractor trade enables us to compile accurate and detailed estimates.

On a majority of our projects, we are selected in the early development stage and have been able to refine our our ability to provide conceptual construction cost estimating. Our estimation team develops cost models of the project from start to finish in a timely and accurate fashion.

Whether you have an architect or just a sketch on a napkin, we play a valuable role in bringing your vision to reality. And, once the architects and consultants are chosen, we’ll work together to provide the highest quality building, within your targeted budget and on schedule.


Design Build Services

We will work closely with the owner or end user to determine project scope, schedule and budget. The design-build process works closely with key subcontractors and consultants from conceptual design throughout completion of the construction drawings and specifications. Plans and specifications are reviewed in detail with the trades at key milestones to determine actual costs, identify LEED materials and develop a list of alternatives for the owner to consider. Continuous review of local construction costs by the design-build team assures a project design remains within budget and is completed on time.


Pre-Construction Services

Our experience has taught us that getting involved early is the key. By doing so, we are better able to understand the project as it relates to owners’ needs and expectations. Over half of the jobs that we build at W. L. Butler Construction, Inc. are done using this method, and the results speak for themselves. The pre-construction process involves delivery methods, accurate conceptual and detailed cost estimating, site evaluation, logistics planning, scheduling and selection of the best building systems for a particular project.

Our extensive database of completed projects provides historical analysis and also allows us to finish our jobs on time and as efficiently as possible. Information can be sorted by type of job (biotech, health care, specialized projects, etc.). This tool empowers our estimating team with invaluable information to provide accurate, realistic numbers.

We develop and maintain a master schedule, which identifies long lead times, as well as design milestones, permits and approvals, early bid package and phasing. We also create a three-week rolling schedule that provides a snapshot of the project and is regularly updated with any decisions that may impact completion. This information is reviewed on a weekly basis with the team so that everyone is on the same page at all times.

Our goal during the pre-construction process is to eliminate surprises once construction begins, and to build the project as cost effectively as possible. This is a collaborative effort between all parties; including the owner, architect, design-build consultants, structural and mechanical engineers, utility companies and local municipalities.


Construction Project Management

Successful completion of construction projects requires the right people, the right approach and the right attitude. Our experienced construction team members have a proven ability to navigate the broad range of regulatory, technical, financial and schedule challenges. Both the technical and personal aspects of a project are managed equally. We believe that establishing and maintaining high standards for technical quality, creative problem solving, professionalism and ethics are prerequisites for developing effective relationships with the entire construction team, and key to realizing the financial and schedule goals of any project.

Our construction team members are experience with development and implementation of project control systems ranging from simple document tracking to integrated systems that track project issues, schedules, resources and finances. We recognize that different projects have differing needs, and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify the right solution.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best construction companies in the industry. We have successfully delivered a wide range of projects; including Health Care, Educational, Financial Services, Automotive, Mixed-use, Retail, Offices, Industrial, Food Service and Non-Profits.